My Boyfriend Disappeared One Night

“I’m just going out to get juice,” he said

Martina Petkova


Photo by Jon Eric Marababol on Unsplash

It was a happy afternoon. He cooked, we shared stories and jokes, we listened to music. By habit and by nature, he ended up with food for more than two people. Instead of shrugging it away with “All the better, we’ll have leftovers,” we called up some friends and invited them over for dinner.

“I’m just going out the get juice,” he said. We were both excited that people are on their way over. I was sitting on the couch, watching him put on his shoes. Then he leaned against the door frame, smiled widely, and said, “Take my picture!”

I took my phone and snapped a picture. The next moment, the door was already closing behind him.

One hour later, I was sitting by the kitchen window. It was dark outside by now and I was desperately looking at the black silhouettes of people, hoping one of them was him. He had left his phone on the table, something he’s prone to do if he goes out just for a quick errand. Soon I saw the seven friends we had invited. My hope had been that he had decided to wait for them at the bus stop because only one of them had visited us before. But no, he was not among them.

I welcomed them at the door, food and music and drinks were waiting for them in the living room.

“Where’s my uncle?” one of them asked, my boyfriend’s nephew and very good friend as they’re close in age.

“He went out for juice an hour ago…” I said and they laughed. “Should I be worried?”

“No,” said the nephew, “Something must have come up, he’ll be back.”

Unphased, they sat down. We were chatting and I was struggling greatly to keep up with their good mood while all I could do was look at the front door and hope he’d walk in.

Another hour passed.

“Guys,” I said, “He’s been out for two hours now. I’m really getting worried.”

“Does he have his phone?” asked the nephew.

“No, he left it here.”

“His ID documents?”


“He’ll be back. But you can call the local police station and ask if they have him.”



Martina Petkova

In my Medium writing, I explore the human psyche, our many contradictions, mental health, & the signs and causes of abuse. I also write about racism.